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Executive Coaching Fees

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How Much Does An Executive Coach Cost?

The compatibility of the client and the executive coach is a key element to developing a successful coaching relationship. We invite prospective clients to chat by phone with our coach at no cost or obligation to explore whether the coach and the client have the necessary rapport to make the coaching an excellent investment of the client and coach's time. Some of our coaches are also available on the Canadian Coaching Radio channel where clients can listen to the coach talk about the coaching process and their work with clients.

There are different price structures for corporations and individuals based on their position and the level of contact they need or want to have. Our executive coaching is based on a fee of $250 per hour. There are options with reduced costs for individuals paying for their own coaching, charitable or community organizations. Telephone, email and video support is available at reduced rates.

Some people use the Executive Coach for annual tune-up, to assist during a transition or as part of a crisis management strategy. Others use the Executive Coach on a regular basis throughout the year to work with someone who always "has your back" and will be there to support you through the easy and the tough times. Whatever your need - we can help.

If you are at a place where confidential professional development through executive coaching can help you - give us a call or send us an email.

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