Need an Executive Coach?

There are many life journeys we all must take but we do not need to walk any of these bright or dark roads alone – Grant D. Fairley

Do You Need An Executive Coach?

What Is Executive Coaching?

Everyone benefits from professional development. An Executive Coach provides you with focused professional development to enhance your career. Just as seminars can be useful to gain new perspectives or information, executive coaching allows you to access perspectives and insights that can be used in your professional and personal life. This kind of professional development gives you additional tools to use in your relationships to build on your leadership and team building skills to take you to the next level of effectiveness. Since this is a one-to-one experience, the time is customized to cover the areas that are of interest to you in particular.

Who Can An Executive Coach Help?

An Executive Coach can help professionals such as lawyers, physicians, the judiciary, university administrators, executives of corporations, senior persons in government and highly motivated sales professionals. The typical client is someone who needs an outside confidential relationship for listening, reflection and perspective on their life challenges and opportunities. They are also persons who will benefit from encouragement and who are seeking balance in their life choices.

When Can An Executive Coach Help?

Often, a crisis or loss creates the awareness in the executive or professional that they would benefit from a coach. We often come into that crisis to assist the person to minimize the damage and regain their footing. In truth, the best time to begin with a coach is when things are going well. That will help you maintain the balance and momentum that can minimize the down-periods of your career and life as well as equip you to face them when the tough times inevitably come.

How Can An Executive Coach Help?

There are many coaching models. The one we prefer is that of the Sage (or wizard) to the King. Think of the classic tales of Merlin as counselor and advisor to King Arthur or Tolkien’s Gandalf in Lord of the Rings to King Aragorn, King Théoden and others. In Biblical times there was the prophets like Samuel and Nathan serving Kings like Saul, David and Solomon. In modern times, Presidents, Prime Ministers and Kings or Queens have had counselors or advisors to serve them and their nations. Good sages or coaches understand that their role is to support, encourage and reflect with the king or leader – not make their decisions for them. Good coaches know that “the buck stops” with the leader. But wise leaders have learned the value of trusted relationships to help them on their quests.

How Much Does An Executive Coach Cost?

There are different price structures for corporations and individuals based on their position and the level of contact they need or want to have. Our executive coaching is based on a fee of $250 per hour. There are options with reduced costs for charitable or community organizations.

Some people use the Executive Coach for annual tune-up, to assist during a transition or as part of a crisis management strategy. Others use the Executive Coach on a regular basis throughout the year to work with someone who always “has your back” and will be there to support you through the easy and the tough times. Whatever your need – we can help.

How Do I Begin With An Executive Coach?

Any Executive Coaching solution must be based on a quality and compatible relationship. Different personalities and stages of life click or fail to connect depending on many factors. While you are not engaging someone to be your “friend” – the Executive and Coach need to have a friendly relationship that can develop trust and communication quickly. If you are interested in exploring a coaching solution from us – email us and we will send you a quick questionnaire that will identify whether what you are seeking is something we can offer you. Then if that is positive – we have a no cost or obligation telephone meeting to further explore whether the Executive and the Coach are a good fit. If that is compatible – then a coaching program is defined and an agreement is created.

If you are at a place where confidential professional development through executive coaching can help you – give us a call or send us an email.

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