Our Principles

Coaching For The Whole Person

Canadian Executive Coaching has a number of core principles that we believe are essential to having an effective and long-term benefit for our clients. We understand that clients in a particular position in a specific company may be in that position or with that company for a limited amount of time. Our work is not to just assist the executive with the challenges of their current position but to serve as a resource for them in ways that they can use in any position in any company. We are committed to a “whole person” approach that considers all aspects of a person’s life as important elements to their success and effectiveness as a person and therefore as an executive. Many coaching systems only address the needs of the executive at work to challenge them to get the greatest performance in the workplace. We know that if your life is not balanced and healthy as a whole person – your executive effectiveness will not last.

You Are Not Alone

Our role as an executive coach is to walk alongside you to aid and support you through reflection, listening, perspective, balance and encouragement. We do not substitute ourselves for the other relationships in your life. We supplement and help you build up those relationships at work, in the family, friends and acquaintances as well as your spiritual life. The degree to which the executive wishes to include the spiritual dimension of their life as part of the coaching is of course up to them. But we believe that it is important to have it available as one of the resources in a whole person approach to executive coaching.

Education Not Training

The qualifications of our executive coaches include a degree from a select number of post-secondary institutions rather than just someone who has taken a “coaching” course from the many online and instant coaching programs that have appeared. Beyond the qualifications, we also look at the quality of the person doing the work of the executive coach. More than knowledge – we look for the interpersonal and emotional skills that are as important as the many programs that can be followed. While there are many common elements to us all as human beings – it is our uniqueness that must be included and valued in an executive coaching program.

A Values Opportunity

We also understand the importance of values. Identifying and remaining consistent with your value system will also add both effectiveness and integrity to your work. This is a great benefit to the organization and gives the executive the freedom to reach their potential without the risks associated with being contrary to or outside of your value system. For those who wish to explore that part of their person, we assist people to work through that part of their story. Our experience is that a value system that includes a positive attitude of service, an understanding of leadership as a stewardship and that our significance as a person makes effective leaders.

Playing The Long Game

Finally, we believe in the quality of persistence. The road is sometimes easy but is more often rocky in the life of the executive. An effective executive coach is committed to the long-term success and effectiveness of the executive. That means we keep on during the challenging times and we do not retreat from difficulties that our executive is facing. If they have a tough road to walk – we’re going to walk that road with them.

At the Canadian Executive Coaching – we have a whole person approach to equip each executive to be effective in their whole life to finish the race as a person and executive well

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